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Open Research coming to a neighbourhood near you

Posted in Uncategorized by kubke on January 20, 2013

…or at least to Auckland.

2012 was a great year for Open Research. The publication of the Finch Report (pdf), the decision from the UK Research Councils to have work they fund published under a Creative Commons licence, and the move from NIH to start enforcing their Open Access Mandates, are a few of the highlights. New Zealand also joned the conversation, a few things I was involved in are listed in a previous post, and of course the Open Otago blog created a great space for discussion. Many of us are hoping that 2013 will be the year where some of the ideas discussed over 2012 become actionable.

I can’t but be thrilled about the Open Research Conference that is coming up to Auckland next month. A group of us last year at kiwi foo decided to bring this conference to life. We have had a few activities that help shape the format of the conference, and we are now slowly adding the final programme to the page as the final confirmations come in. The purpose of the conference is

[…]  to explore new, open models of research that speed up the effective transfer of research outputs and improve economic, environmental and social impacts in the New Zealand and Australian contexts.

I have spoken before about how I think it is important to choose actionable goals that are suitable for the social, political and institutional local contexts. The conference will be highly interactive, with a series of panel-led discussions on Day 1 followed by an audience-led set of sessions on Day 2 (barcamp). Day 3 will be used to write a document to summarise what we have learned on Days 1 and 2 so that it can be used as a template for those who are working in trying to embrace Openness in the Research space in New Zealand and Australia.

Thoughts about open source science research

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We are very excited about this – the team of organizers (Leonie Hayes, Nick Jones, Alison Stringer, Alex Holcombe, Matt Todd, Cameron Neylon and myself) have been working tirelessly over the past year to make this a rocking event. We are thrilled to see the people registering and we are looking forward to a great series of days which we hope will build a strong community of practice. We are on twitter as @NZAUOpenRes.

Most of all, we hope the conference will be a way of inspiring us all to work towards achievable goals in 2013. What those may be will have to wait until we are all in a room having an open discussion about what is best to focus on.

We hope to see a lot of you there – if you can’t attend, keep an eye on the site – we will be putting links to the collaborative note taking. If you can, however, we encourage you to come and participate. We have great sponsors to whom we are truly grateful and of course, the conference will be made a success by all the participants.

See you there!